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Rules & Guidelines

Publishing Rules


No fan fiction or stories based on copyrighted material of any kind may be submitted. (Fan Fiction is the use of a story or story character(s) based on someone else’s creation – books/comics, TV shows, cartoons, movies, etc.).


No bad language, adult content, or violent text or artwork. No hate content or discrimination of any kind.


All content must be checked  for grammar and spelling.


All artwork must be original and/or licensed to the submitter’s parent or guardian. No copyrighted images will be allowed. For free, public use images visit: or


Content may not include links or advertisements to other websites.


Content must be written in English.


To protect your children, no personal identifying information is allowed in submitted manuscripts – i.e. home address, phone number, real full names of friends or family, etc.


Publishing Specifications

1.All uploaded content must be in an 8.5 x 11 format, with margins no less than 1/2 inch (.5 inch) (top/bottom/right/left).

book margin diagram3
2.Stories must have a portrait page orientation.
3.All stories must be typed and spell checked.
4.Font must be Verdana, Tahoma, or Times New Roman and be at least 30 pt.
5.All manuscripts must include a title page featuring: title, author’s first name and last initial, and original artwork.
6.Clip art may be used as original artwork. However, licensing details must be supplied with submission. Manuscripts submitted with clip art that do not provide valid licensing will not be published.
7.You may copyright your child’s work; in fact, we encourage it! To copyright your child’s work, simply include at the bottom of the title page: title of book, written by: (child’s first name & last initial), year and name of author, all rights reserved, used by special permission. See example below.

The Purple Tiger
Written By: Andrew R.
Copyright 2016, Andrew R.  All Rights Reserved.


How to Submit For Publication

1.Scan your artwork into the computer and drop into text document. Don’t have a scanner? Take pictures with your cell phone and upload images to computer.
2.After text is typed, spell checked, and images inserted, please PDF file and name file the same as the title of the book. Make sure title page is first page of document.
3.Upload PDF file to our servers by using the Submit a Story button or click here.


Terms & Conditions of Publication

Manuscripts, digital or hard copy submissions, that violate one or more of the above Rules, Guidelines, and Specifications will not be published.

Books For Kids By Kids reserves the right to decline publishing for any reason. The Rules and Guidelines, or any portion thereof, is subject to change without notification.