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Parents & Teachers

BFKBK was developed in collaboration with educators as a platform for young authors to share their stories in a place that’s safe; a place that’s free from mean-spirited comments, bullying, and harsh, non-productive criticism. All of our young authors can offer their works with no fear of online ridicule. Learn more about internet safety for children

Just imagine the powerful sense of accomplishment instilled in your child or student when they see their book in digital print.

It’s a wonderful feeling for a child to know that the story they wrote is being read and appreciated by others. It’s a feeling that promotes confidence and self-esteem in young people of all ages. And, why not? Many adults dream of being a published author.

Reading and writing increases comprehension and vocabulary skills. These two basic elements are essential to a child’s education and progress.

As parents and teachers, one of our most important duties is to help our children succeed in life by reaching their potential. Building and nurturing literacy skills will assist in maximizing their capacity to reach that potential.

Books For Kids By Kids was created to help children unlock their imagination and cultivate their creativity. It’s a fun, creative outlet to increase children’s reading and writing skills in a way that is non threatening or “homework like”. When a child has their story(s) published online, it not only helps them with their writing skills, but it also elevates their self-esteem.

Unlocking a
Child’s Imagination

The key to unlocking the imagination is simply by exercising the creative portion of the conscientious mind. Some people are fortunate to be born with a wonderful imagination and a profound sense of creativity. But, for most of us, creative skills need to be cultivated.

Good, imaginative writing skills require practice – much like practicing to become an accomplished piano player.

Books For Kids By Kids provides a fun, safe place to practice all the skills necessary to become proficient readers, writers and imaginative story tellers. Of course, the emphasis is always on FUN.