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Story Submission Help


In order to submit a story, you must fill out the Story Submission Form click here for form.

The Story Submission Form will require:

  • the parent or guardian’s first and last name;
  • email address; and
  • city and state of residence.

The Story Submission Form will also require:

  • your child’s first and last name (note: only first name and last initial will be viewed publicly);
  • your child’s age and grade (e.g. Age: 10 Grade: 5 – Note: Your child’s age and grade will remain private);
  • book title; and
  • the grade level appropriate for reading your child’s book (e.g. Your son/daughter that is in 6th grade wrote a book for children in 2nd, etc.).

To upload your child’s story, there is an Upload Your Book button (Browse) towards the end of the form, this is where you can browse and find your child’s story from your computer and it will upload to our servers.

NOTE: You must agree with our Terms and Conditions in order to publish a book on the Books For Kids By Kids website. If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions you will not be able to publish on our site; however, you may read the books in the library without agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.