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The Story Of
Books For Kids By Kids

Books For Kids By Kids (BFKBK), was conceived as a means of helping children of all ages become better readers, writers, and to better express themselves through written communication. It was developed to hone their imaginative thinking skills and prepare them to be creative, expressive, and literate adults.

BFKBK was developed in collaboration with educators as a platform for young authors to share their stories in a place that’s safe; a place that’s free from mean-spirited comments, bullying, and harsh, non-productive criticism. All of our young authors can offer their works with no fear of online ridicule. Learn more about internet safety for children

All children and young adults of high school age (Pre-K thru 12), are welcome to participate.

Many of our high school age authors are improving their literary skills by writing and publishing children’s books through this online platform. Our high school age authors are also using this platform to share their class notes with other authors.

BFKBK was created to be a free service in order to help build literacy skills in a fun and creative way.

The program is funded entirely by local businesses within assigned school districts. It’s because of the generosity of these businesses and their dedication to the cause of literacy in America that it will always be 100% FREE to read books and 100% FREE to publish books.

Books for kids by kids is a great place to share stories, practice writing skills, and read stories written by other kids. But, it’s also a gateway to other publishing platforms. Every child participating in BFKBK will receive the opportunity to publish their own books on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and other popular eBook platforms. This gives any child the opportunity to be a PAID author. That’s an exciting opportunity at any age.

All books in the BFKBK library are created as professional eBooks with simulated turning pages and realistic sounds just like the popular eReaders.